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  • Grounding
  • Courage/self-confidence
  • Stimulates motivation, creativity, personal power
  • Protection

When you are looking for a stone for protection, to bolster creativity and manifest your dreams and desires, look no further than Tiger’s Eye. It is a form of quartz. A golden color with bands of red and brown, lighter golden threads run through it mimicking the eye of a tiger when turned in the light. These threads are fibers that form over crocidolite, bundled fibers similar to asbestos. These layers are what make it a chatoyant gemstone giving it it’s luster. Chatoyant is a french word meaning cat’s eye. There are also blue (Hawk’s Eye) and red (Red Tiger Eye) varieties.

Tiger's Eye Meaning

It is associated with the navel chakra and has been known as a good luck stone or stone of wealth. A grounding crystal, it clears the way for motivation and therefore stimulates creativity. Tiger’s Eye opens you to explore your personal strengths, express and grow in creativity. This unleashing of imagination and inspiration leads to the manifestation of your passions and ambitions. Although not a traditional birthstone on the physical plane, it is frequently associated with Gemini from the spiritual point of view.

Tiger's Eye Healing Properties

Tiger’s Eye dates back thousands of years and was carved in amulets and talisman and worn by Roman soldiers for protection and courage. Due to this, it has continued to be considered as one that sharpens focus and releases self-determination. Physically, it is a blood fortifier and supports endocrine system health. It’s grounding energies help with fear and anxiety.

Use Tiger’s Eye with the solar plexus to boost your confidence and to reinforce your personal power. It’s Earth energy at the Sacral Chakra will bring you spiritual grounding. Keeping Tiger’s Eye near when you are working toward manifesting goals will boost your objectives and motivate you to move forward with ideas. When creating crystal grids for abundance of any type combining Tiger’s Eye, citrine and green aventurine will amplify your intentions.