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  • Develop or discover hidden compassion
  • Self love
  • Clarity

Rhodonite is a magnificent transformational stone for those seeking to align with their highest spiritual calling. Let the ‘Cupid’ of stones engulf the heart center with it’s glowing tones of pink, inviting warm fuzzy feelings to take over and uplift your spirits with ease. Heartache and sadness are quickly infused by light with the intent of pure love and happiness leaving no room for any perplexed thoughts or feelings. This is a wonderful mineral to use when you’re having issues in the romance department.

Rhodonite Meaning

Rhodonite, meaning “rose red” in Greek, gives an accurate description of it’s deep rosey appearance. It’s pink-ish red hue awakens both the root and heart energy centers in the body, when stimulated one may feel a rapture of intense bliss coming from within the inner world in order to be of service to the collective consciousness. This magical stone invites contentment and the ability to forgive others  rather than retaliate. This naturally increases the flow of light into your life in the form of abundant joy and prosperity across all planes in your lifetime.

Whether you’re feeling broken or just downright sad, hopefully neither, Rhodonite will deliver a double dose of self love and confidence in your place in the world. We all have a seat at the table, and a dish to be served! By increasing feelings, or rather knowings, of self worth, Rhodonite brings us one step closer to the door of infinite opportunities. Aesthetic and medicinal is the vibe of this beauty, it truly is the catalyst for self discovery and taking control of one's life. in a positive manner.

Rhodonite Healing Properties

Let Rhodonite extend your aura to shine bigger and brighter with the eradication of toxic or impure thought patterns that eventually lead to physical illness if left neglected. This potent cheerleader of a stone adds pep to your step by increasing life force, or chi, throughout your bodies meridians enhancing stimulation in your endocrine system, liver, and kidneys with the additional boost in ones metabolism. 

It’s time to call upon Rhodonite to pierce the veil of your ego to see with only love and sincerity. By sparking the flow to all that is connected, you will easily be more in tune with your true calling in life.  Using Rhodonite in meditation will amplify the development of one's spiritual gifts, allowing for the flow of interconnectedness to help one move forward in life with purpose and feelings of unconditional love.