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  • Deflecting negative energy
  • Grounding
  • Clearing
  • Reflection

For truth and deflecting negativity use Obsidian. This stone exposes flaws and weaknesses and therefore, helps you to look forward. It draws out stress and tension. It is known for reducing “psychic smog” and clearing the aura.

Obsidian Meaning

Obsidian is volcanic glass. It forms when molten lava cools quickly. Coming from lava it is deeply connected to the earth, fire and water elements and very grounding. Raw obsidian is known for its sharp edges and has been used as cutting material for ages. The ancients made arrowheads and axes with it. Many archeological sites show enough debris that they are considered early “factories” for knives, spears and sharp-edged tools. In modern-day, thin blades of obsidian have been placed in surgical scalpels for precise surgeries and have been considered as good if not better than man-made surgical steel.

Obsidian Healing Properties

Sometimes referred to as a wizarding stone, obsidian has been and continues to be used in shamanic work. With its high luster, it has been polished and used as a mirror or crystal ball for scrying. Its ability to expose flaws, blockages and weaknesses makes it very helpful in bringing clarity and helping with deep soul healing.  A very protective stone it can block a psychic attack. Physically it can alleviate bleeding and help with healing. It also improves circulation and is good for cold feet and hands. It can aid in revealing the root issue of illness and dissolve blockages.

Obsidian comes in a variety of colors. Snowflake (black with small white spots that resemble snowflakes) has the properties of black obsidian while being soothing and calming. Mahogany Obsidian ( black with a deep, rich brown tone) has the added ability to help with decisions and reclaiming personal power. Rainbow Obsidian (contains swirls of color that resemble a rainbow) lends itself to helping with introspection and bringing more love and joy into life.

When you are in need of inner reflection turn to Obsidian. It will reflect what needs attention and ground you in the process. Use it to reveal spiritual and physical blockages and to relieve the stress and tension associated with them. All colors of obsidian are good to use in times of traumas and anxiety allowing you to take a good look inward while warding off negative energy during this deep and healing work.