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Use Labradorite to open the doors to the other worlds, channeling information into every cell in your body so that you may better understand who you are and what you can do in this lifetime. Labradorite makes sure we’re moving between planes consciously, this enhances our inner vision capabilities to recall past, present and future downloads. This flashing stone emanates what some would call a ‘force field’ of protective light, making sure that no person or energies can penetrate to drain you of your rightful energy.

Labradorite Meaning

The frequencies of labradorite open the inner eye, revealing the ‘unseen aspects of the world’ making it an important ally in crystal healing. Wearing a Labradorite as a ring can create an abundant flow of giving and receiving energies of the magical world, from all varieties. Wearing as a belly ring or placing on your 3rd eye may increase your intuitive awareness, deeping your connection with all that is Divine. Being a Wind element, this stone is a powerful tool to use when awakening those natural energies for the good of all.

This vividly flashing stone shows spectral colors such as: Gold, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, and Violet. The name Labradorite is beautifully sourced from the Labrador peninsula in Canada, this is where the magic stone was first found in 1770. Use the empowering energies of Labradorite to raise awareness to the way you speak and treat your body so that you may easily release old thinking patterns. The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says making it easy to acquire emotional baggage.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Light workers, healers, and anyone drawn to a channel of self discovery could benefit from this plagioclase Feldspar. It is said to take you on a journey to the inner depths of one self to obtain information and knowledge that is only for the greater good of all. Labradorite is a very powerful healing stone that can be used for deep transformation within the body, mind and spirit. Using this stone can help to bring harmony and the energies of self mastery. It’s not what others can do for you but what the flow of Labradorites energy can create within you, in turn bringing you one step closer to your aligned path.

Use Labradorite in meditation and call forth the magic of higher awareness. Make sure to keep a grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline or Smokey Quartz nearby to keep you from feeling spaced out once done journeying through the other realms. This is a great stone to work with during a full moon as an aid to releasing the old to make way for the new. Moonstone works in harmony with Labradorite to create emotional balance and invite energies of Divine Feminine into one's space.

To properly cleanse your stone of any ‘negative’ or impure energy it has picked up during your inner work, place outside overnight in the light of the full moon. You may place your mineral back into the earth, on your stoop, or if none of those work simply place on the ledge of a window. If you’re busy and looking for more practical ways of cleansing your stones, try:  running under cool water with the intent to cleanse your stone, placing in a bowl of Himilayan salt, or simply play loud music entraining the frequencies to raise their vibration, naturally!