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Introduction to Fluorite

Fluorite is a very popular mineral (also known as fluorspar) and occurs in many colors. This is your best friend in times of chaos, disorganization and scattered thoughts. It is a stabilizer and draws off negative energy and stress and incorporates structure into your daily routine.


Fluorite Meaning

Pure Fluorite is colorless and the greens, blues, yellows, and purples that occur are caused by impurities. In folklore, it has been called the “home of the rainbows”. Fluorite is an excellent learning aid. It helps to increase and prolong focus strengthening powers of concentration. It is very effective against computer and electromagnetic stress and is a great stone to keep near when working in an environment rich in EMF. It’s ability to neutralize negativity and cleanse while reorganizing and reordering thoughts is second to none. As a teacher, I have found having this in the classroom or with individual students to be very beneficial and helps with their focus and productivity. I find it to be a valued aid when working with ADD or ADHD individuals. Fluorite increases intuitive abilities opening pathways for spiritual connection. 

Fluorite Healing Properties

As well as promoting mental clarity by balancing brain chemistry, Fluorite is known to strengthen bones and teeth. It has been useful in treating joint problems and stiffness and in particular arthritis. Rheumatism and nerve-related pain also benefit from Fluorite use. The different colors of Fluorite have their own properties. Green Fluorite is very calming and detoxifying and works well to cleanse and renew all chakras. Blue Fluorite is wonderful for the throat chakra, helping you to clearly communicate, calming emotions. Purple Fluorite is fabulous with the third eye. It clears the mind of chatter and allows introspection and intuitive listening. It is good for tension headaches. Use Yellow Fluorite at the navel and solar plexus for creativity and manifestation. It is good for removing toxins and working with the liver. Rainbow Fluorite combines all the attributes of the various colors and therefore can be used widely for multiple purposes. 

Whenever you are studying, fighting disorganization or need to quiet the chatter in your mind, reach for Fluorite. With its various colors, it can assist with neutralizing and harmonizing in almost any area of the mind, body, and spirit. It is the student’s best friend ( great when test-taking) and a mother’s right hand when managing the daily routine of family and work schedules. For writers, it is one of the best stones for creativity while organizing thoughts and communicating them clearly.

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