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Looking for abundance, manifestation, creativity? Then you are looking for Citrine. This crystal is perfect for inspiring creativity and to boost imagination. Citrine is a stone of wealth and one to have when you are looking to spur abundance of all kinds. 

Citrine Meaning

Citrine is a pale yellow variety of Quartz. Its name comes from the French word citron meaning lemon. This stone is known as the Merchant’s Stone and is connected to wealth, prosperity and success. It has long been used throughout history by many cultures and is sometimes mistaken for Madeira, Gold Topaz or Safranite. It has been used in talismans, carved into images and worn in rings by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. (Take note that the deep yellow and orange Citrine that is frequently available is heat-treated Amethyst or Smokey Quartz). Citrine is one of the rare crystals that does not need to be cleared or cleansed.

Citrine Healing Properties

It’s bright yellow color is reminiscent of the sun and vitality. It brings joy and cleansing, uplifting your spirit. It encourages new beginnings and freshness making it a great stone for your creative pursuits. It not only attracts wealth in all areas and but also helps to maintain it. Citrine will spur your generosity and open you to joyful sharing. This crystal does not hold negative energies rather it transmutes them. It is excellent for transforming negative attitudes to positive ones and therefore strengthens self-esteem. 

Citrine helps to reverse degenerative diseases. It assists with digestion and can aid in relieving constipation. It supports the spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and bladder and has been useful in treating bedwetting. It is a great emotional balancer and quite helpful for hot flashes and hormonal imbalances.

This stone will heighten your self-confidence and open you to feelings of happiness and joy. It is wonderful for inspiring action and motivation. When you are working in areas of finance, carry a Citrine tumbled stone or have a piece of Citrine in your work area. For anyone working in sales, banking, finance, etc. this is an excellent support stone. Whenever you are gridding for abundance or success include Citrine in your grid. Carrying Citrine will attract happiness and wealth while protecting you against negativity. It is so purifying and joyful that you simply cannot go wrong wearing or carrying it.