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Whenever you are feeling “flighty” grab a piece of black tourmaline to ground yourself. It’s grounding properties will reel you in and keep you safe from negative elements. It is stabilizing and protective. Not only does it repel negative forces, but it removes negative energy from a person or space. 

Black Tourmaline Meaning

This stone has electrical and magnetic properties. Many scientists have studied it for these reasons. Benjamin Franklin was known to use it in his experiments. It carries a weak electric charge when heated or when pressure is applied to its surface. As an electrical stone, it deflects and transforms negativity instead of absorbing it (similar to a lightning rod) as it grounds energies to the earth.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Also known as Schorl, black tourmaline will give you a sense of power and security. It will help relieve fears and connect you with the physical, natural world with a sense of your own power. This wonderful stone will assist in the balancing of and harmonizes with all of the chakras. Those that suffer from OCD and worry will find that working with this stone brings calm and healing to these circumstances. This stone cleanses and detoxifies us and our surrounding environment. Its electromagnetic tendencies can protect against the magnetic effects of everyday devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc.

It balances male and female energies within us.  As well as balancing, it can help with eye/hand coordination and supports work with dyslexia. With its ability to help in releasing negative thoughts, it aids in welcoming a positive attitude and is especially helpful for those harboring thoughts of self-harm. It strengthens the immune system. Its detoxifying properties can be useful when dealing with illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and similar lung disorders.

Reaching for black tourmaline will bring you back to a grounded and self aware state. When you are in need of protection from negative energies, whether physical or spiritual, this stone will deliver what you need. Simply sitting with it surrounding your feet will ground negativity into the earth. Meditating with it allows you to safely explore spiritual realms and thought. This stone is truly protective, cleansing, grounding and one of your best friends.