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BECOME A #CONSCIOUSBRANDAMBASSADOR and help us plant 1,000,000 trees!

If you love our brand already, then it’s a no-brainer.

As a Conscious Items ambassador, you’ll access and enjoy plenty of perks, including a lifetime discount, exclusive giveaways, sales commissions etc

Lifetime discount

for you, your friends and family.

Cash commission

you get 10% of every sale. You’ll also plant 1 tree for every product sold.

Exclusive giveaways


Early access to new products


How to apply?

It’s super easy.

Fill up the form

Make your first purchase as an ambassador

Share your conscious items on social with your friends and family


Brand Ambassador program

Anyone over 18, that has an Instagram or Facebook account and is willing to share their conscious products online every week.

It's easy - share your love for our brand online and show us how you wear or use Conscious Items. We will provide the discount code and all the support, while you can focus on your creative process.

For every purchase through your code, you will get a 10% commission, besides all the benefits you will enjoy as the CI Brand Ambassador.

Make sure to tag Conscious Items on your posts. Post at least once a week on Instagram or Facebook in whatever format you want, however many times you like. We would like to see how you use or benefit from Conscious Items in your everyday life, but we leave you the creative freedom to explore different forms of expression online.

Once you become a conscious ambassador you’ll get your 20% lifetime discount code for your friends, family, and yourself. With your first purchase as an ambassador, you’ll get a free product too. Also, you’ll get a 10% sales commission.

On top of that, you’ll get access to exclusive giveaways and new products.

Unfortunately, no. Our website allows for only one discount code at a time, and they can’t be combined for bigger discounts. You are free to use your ambassador code for a lifetime 20% discount at any time, or you can use any other code active at a time for a higher discount. However, you will not get a commission unless the purchase is with your code.

Payments & Commissions

Our ambassadors get paid via PayPal or, if the quantity is over $500, via wire transfer.

We provide all the technical support you will need while being a Conscious Items Brand Ambassador. You can check your payments and commissions here/on X, and you will receive your access information after signing up for our Brand Ambassador program

You can contact our marketing team 24/7 via email or chat, and our amazing colleagues will help you get the information you need.

If a purchase is made with your discount code but is later canceled or returned, this will show up as a negative commission on your account.

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